Mass Effect 2

I just finished Mass Effect 2 by Bioware and it easily slides into my top ten console/computer RPGs of all time.

Though the story wasn’t quite as compelling as the original Mass Effect it was still an engaging piece of computer fiction. Not only that, but it had significant improvements over the original in terms inventory management and game play. The gun battles were heated, less clumsy than the first game and the cover dynamic worked pretty well (Though not quite as well as Gears of War.).

The game was also pretty amazing looking and gave the game a nicely cinematic feel.

It also, by far had some of the most engaging characters available to join your party of almost any game I’ve played. I even felt a little pang when one of my favorites died during the final battle…

The annoyances were minor. I had one issue where one of the party member, Miranda, was floating in the air for almost an entire level. The game also locked up my Xbox 360, but only once.

Also, and I’m probably the only one, I sort of missed the elevators and the news and party commentary as you spent time in them. Another disappointment was that after spending a considerable amount of time on the Presidium in the first game it was a let down that you couldn’t revisit that level.

If you have an Xbox 360 or a PC that can handle the graphics I can’t recommend Mass Effect 2 (or it’s predecessor if you haven’t played it!) enough.

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