Hockey: Team USA vs Switzerland

Another great game by the US team. I can’t believe it was so close for so long. I think between the US and the Swiss there must have been four or five goals that were either off the post or waved off.

Ryan Miller, again, was phenomenal, but not nearly as as much as the defense this time around. They flashed a stat at one point in the third period that showed that the US defense men had blocked twenty-one shots before even getting to Miller. I can even remember hearing a loud thud and then seeing on of the defensive player reacting like the shot had really hurt when it hit. Incredible toughness.

And my hat is off to the Swiss. They played it tough all the way through and their goaltender, Jonas Hiller, was a superstar! Forty-three shots and forty-two saves by Hiller. You can’t ask for much more from a goaltender.

It wasn’t until the last fifteen seconds when Zach Parise scored his second goal of the game on an empty net to make it 2-0 that the outcome was certain.

Amazing performances from both teams is what the Olympics is about. And who knows, maybe it’ll be USA vs Canada for the gold. Wouldn’t that be something?

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