Microsoft Courier… I Hope You’re Really Real!

When Apple announced the ipad I was underwhelmed. It really did seem to me, just a large ipod touch. In other words, because I already have an iphone, something I didn’t need.

For all of Steve Jobs rhetoric about it being magical and revolutionary (Yes, that’s what he said… magical.) it really isn’t. Other than its larger format being more geared showing full web content and magazines it doesn’t seem to be adding anything to my digital world I don’t already have.

But then today I saw the video and pictures of Microsoft’s Courier and I realized what the ipad could have been.

You see, I still carry around a little notebook. I think like most writers, or people aspiring to be writers, carry one to jot down ideas, fragments of dialog that come to us, etc. Theoretically, I could do this with the iPhone but the on-screen keyboard just isn’t well suited for it and it doesn’t have any sort of handwriting app or handwriting recognition. It’s just awkward. The iPad doesn’t appear to be any different.

On top of that, I like to sketch. I started out in college as an art major and I still like to pick up a pencil every once in a while. Courier appears made for this. The ipad, again, not so much. I’ve tried using Brushes and it’s a nice little app, but it’s not really what I want. To me, it’s finger painting. You can create some really cool stuff (as evidenced by Disney Art Director Stef Kardos.), but not the stuff I want. Courier on the other hand is perfectly suited, for me anyway.

Add in the other features they show; book reader, movies, note taking I would gladly give up my notebooks and carry Courier around with me in addition to my laptop and iphone. I can’t say the same thing about the ipad.

Now my only hope is that what they show is what actually comes out. Supposedly due in the second half of this year what’s being show as of now is only a prototype unit. But if this is accurate? I’m putting in my pre-order as soon as I’m able.

Check out Engadget for the pictures and video!

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