iPad Commercial… Meh.

I saw the ipad commercial while my wife and I watched the Oscars (Well, she watched. I just made off-hand comments while surfing the web.) and then I saw it again last night and I’m still wondering what’s so, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, “magical,” about this device?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iphone. I’m not going to replace it anytime soon. When the iphone first came out I got my wife one and I wanted one but because my company at the time was paying for it I stuck with my clunky Windows phone. As soon as I could I got my iphone I did. Because I got it. I understood what combining my phone, with a great music player, plus apps could do.

But this commercial only reaffirmed what I was already feeling; the ipad doesn’t appear to do anything that my iphone already doesn’t. Someone please explain to me why I would want to spend $400 plus on this thing. Especially after seeing what Microsoft’s Courier is able to do…

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