Universal Healthcare!

Wow, almost three weeks since my last post. It wasn’t what I intended when I started this blog. I’ve had things I wanted to write about on here, but it just didn’t happen. Between overtime at work and trying to have a life I had to put this aside for a short while. Hopefully I won’t have a lull like this again in the near future.

I think the biggest thing to happen in the interim between my last post and now is that President Obama got his healthcare bill pushed through. It’s not perfect by any stretch but I think it’s something we need in this country. Too many people are without, especially with so many still without jobs. It’s amazing how many of the “moral” majority can’t see the morality in giving those who can’t afford it access to healthcare. The rhetoric has been particularly bad surrounding this.

Civil discourse on issues and topics has virtually disappeared. We’ve become a nation of the fringes with the people with the most extreme views controlling the discussion.

I guess I’m a centrist and would like to see a more even-toned, intelligent debate with some realistic attempts to compromise from both sides…

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