Microsoft Courier… Gone Before We Knew You!

Well, of course because it’s what I wanted and was looking forward to so it was destined to be canceled.

Oh well. I’m sure they’re instead focusing on Windows Phone 7 and may even explore tablets, etc., using their new mobile operating system (sort of like Apple.)

It certainly didn’t help that the iPad is selling like gang-busters. I think its success has a lot of companies rethinking what will be successful in this market. I don’t think it was coincidence that Microsoft’s announcement came at the time it did. It also seems interesting that HP has killed the slate, according to TechCrunch. It also coincides with HP’s purchase of Palm. So it looks like between the iPhone OS (Is Apple going to change the name now that it’s used on the iPad?) and Android and maybe Windows Phone 7 and Palm/HP WebOS that the focus will be moving devices, even things that have ostensibly been more like full computers, over to mobile platforms.

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as historically full OSes have been more open to a degree for customization and control by the end user while these mobile OSes tend to be much more proprietary.

So where does that leave me? After having a change to pick one up and play around with it my outlook on the iPad is much brighter. I think if Apple can loosen up a bit (doubtful) it may have some really amazing uses. I most look forward to using it while traveling.

My iPad will arrive on my doorstep next week..

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