iPad has Shipped!

The ipad I ordered shipped last night. About a week and a half after ordering. The email stated it’s coming straight from Shenzhen, China (It arrived in Anchorage today.). I don’t know why this surprised me, but it’s apparent that they must be shipping these direct from the factory. I’m so used to everything I buy to be shipped through some intermediary storage. Even when I bought my Lenovo laptop it was shipped from existing stock here in the US.

I just don’t think that Apple can keep up right now.

I know based on my visit to the Apple store in my local mall (my wife wanted to buy a case.) that they can’t keep them in stock. In fact, the guy who sold me the case stated that they’re recommending that everyone just order them online and be shipped because they’re getting so few, so infrequently.

I’m still primarily a Windows guy. It’s how I currently earn my living. But it’s still amazing to me how this thing has taken hold. More so than any recent technology I can remember people just want this thing. heck, even my Apple averse, Android phone using good friend has gotten one. Believe me, that was a shocker.

It appears my ipad will arrive Friday. I’ll give it a spin over the weekend and put down some thoughts on it.

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