Can’t Wait for the Elections to Be Over!

I vote. I haven’t missed voting in an election since I was of age to do so. I follow what’s going on in our country, my state and my town. I get my news from multiple sources in attempt to not receive a biased view of politics and the world. Overall, I consider myself pretty well-informed.

With that said: I cannot wait until the elections are done with tomorrow.

It’s past 9PM where I am and I’m still getting calls from candidates and supporters of ballot initiatives.

At this point all it is is white noise to me and a distraction that pulls my focus away from what I’m trying to do, which tonight, is write.

What it is, frankly, is annoying.

What it isn’t is an effective way to get me to change my opinion on anything that’s currently at stake in this election.

Finally, tomorrow, we’ll have an end to it and hopefully we can return to some normality and, in the case of the political world, maybe some civility too.

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