Over… and (Halfway) Out

Well, the elections are over and it went pretty much as expected. The Dems are out of the House  but managed to hang on to the Senate.

What does this mean? I’m thinking there will be a lot of rhetoric from the House leadership about how tough the GOP is going to be (repeal health-care, keep the Bush tax cuts alive, etc, etc.) and pass a few of their initiatives at the house level but then they’ll hit the Senate… and just sit there.

I think the Senate will stonewall a few things and outright vote down a few more. And then there’s the fact that Obama will veto another good chunk that might find their way onto his desk.

That is, unless, all of the good little congress-people and all the good little senators can all play nicely and learn how to compromise and make positive things happen for all Americans regardless of party, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, economic status… you get the idea.

Can they do it? Can they work together and work on compromises that make America stronger, better and faster (a proverbial 60-Trillion Dollar Man (or country as it were)). Make us a country who can compete globally, better educate our children, keep everyone who wants a job in one and allow everyone to pursue life, liberty and happiness on their own terms?

I have my doubts. But I also have my hopes. And if either party really wants to get anything done they’re going to have to  learn to do it.

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