The Best E-Reader

There’s a saying about cameras: the best camera is the one you have with you. I think much the same could be said about e-book readers.

Over on CNET, Damian Koh, poses the question: would you read an e-book on a phone?

He then writes that after purchasing an iPhone and a Kindle he made the right choice in purchasing the Kindle for reading.

My question, why even make the choice? Why limit yourself, especially with bookmarks that can be synced over wi-fi and stores that allow you to download your e-book to multiple devices. If you have a Kindle wouldn’t you want the Kindle app on your iPhone and your Mac/PC? I have an iPhone and an iPad. I read on both, as well as on my iMac. I’ve got the Kindle app, nook app, Stanza and iBooks. That way I can make sure to get nearly any book I want. Being able to access e-books on my iMac and Windows computers is especially useful it my career in IT.

And since I don’t always have my iMac or iPad with me it makes the iPhone incredibly useful as an e-reader; whether I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, or waiting for my wife before lunch I can whip out my phone and read.

With that said, I wouldn’t want my iPhone to be my primary e-reader but it certainly has its place.

So if you’ve got a phone that has an available e-reader app, whether you’re using Android, an iPhone or Windows Phone 7, just remember, the best e-reader is the one you have with you.

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