John Steakley, RIP

Crap, I certainly don’t want this become a blog where nothing but death is memorialized but this is one that bears mentioning. John Steakley has died. He was 59. He was the author of two of my all-time favorite books. And when I say all-time I mean all-time.

Armor and Vampire$ were the only novels he ever published. As far as I can tell it sounds like the only two he ever wrote.

I’d put Armor up there with Starship Troopers as the best novels of their kind. Rather than the politics of war Armor focused on the psychological toll combat has on a those who participate in the violence and the guilt of survival.

Vampire$ was an original and exciting vampire tale that was true to the subject matter of vampires being a thing of darkness, not shiny, pretty things to be fawned over. Dark and gritty and still humorous it’s one of the few books of its type that I’ve re-read.

Rumor has it that he was writing a sequel to Armor. If we’re lucky we’ll get one more amazing work from him to help us remember him.

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