Be Humble!

Hey, it’s the holidays, if you want to do some good out there and get a little something for yourself in the process I urge you to check out the Humble Bundle 2.

A bunch of independent game developers got together, have bundled their software and are selling it with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The catch?  You get to decide how much you want to pay for the bundle and what percentage goes to charity. That’s right, you can pay less than a buck or one million dollars (cue Dr. Evil voice on that last bit.). And you want it all to go to charity? Sure thing, go right ahead (But honestly, these developers need a little love too and we want to make sure we get a Humble Bundle 3, so take care of them.).

And the charities are pretty worthwhile too. They are: The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. The EFF is a non-profit that fights to protect our digital rights, whether it’s from Digital Rights Management or online censorship. Child’s Play is a charity that delivers toys and games to sick children at over sixty hospitals around the world. Don’t like one or the other? Well, you can decide which one (or if both) get all or a percentage of your donation.

The games? Take a look:

I’ve purchased the Humble Bundle both this year and last. I already owned a few of the games offered this year and I still purchased it. Why? The other three games looked great and because I get to decide what I wanted to pay I didn’t feel like I was paying for the same games twice.  The games I already had, Braid and Osmos… fantastic. One of the others, Machinarium, the developer participated last year and their game was a beautiful and interesting entry called Samorost 2. If the others are half as good it’s money well spent.

So, if you want to do some good, support independent game development and get some great games, check it out. And if you’re here and you’re not a gamer check it out anyway. They have an option where you can receive a gift code to give someone you know who does love games.

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