FCC Passes Watered Down Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC is getting in on the party. They passed rules regarding net neutrality this past week as well. The vote was 3-2 in favor of keeping internet service providers from discriminating against content providers by creating a tiered internet.

This vote doesn’t provide the same protection for wireless services though (so you could potentially see additionally tiering for your smart phones data plan for example.) and as a result, some advocates say the rules don’t go far enough to protect consumers and content providers.

There’s something I don’t understand here: in the 3-2 vote it was three Democrats for adopting the rules and two Republicans against. I just don’t get how pro-business Republicans could, without the lobbyists bending their ear sideways, be against net neutrality. Honestly, has there been anything that has spurred corporate and economic growth more than an open internet in the last twenty years?

I really doubt that a computer would be in every household without the internet. And think of the businesses, the huge businesses, that exist or have become larger because of the internet. Google. HP. Dell. ebay. Microsoft. Amazon. Facebook. Netflix. All of these were created (in full or in part.) and continue to exist because of an open internet. You allow tiers to exist and the internet becomes a place where innovation ceases because small companies with great ideas have no avenue to grow.

So, Republican politicians, please note, a closed internet is anti-business. Stop listening to lobbyists. Stop listening to Hollywood and the music industry and let businesses thrive and innovation to occur.

Oh, and to the FCC, more rules allowing for an open internet (even for wireless providers) please.


UPDATE: Engadget has posted the response of the various carriers to the new net neutrality rules, here.

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