A Dance With Dragons!

Today famed author George R.R. Martin announced the hard date for “A Dance With Dragons”, the fifth book if his Song of Ice and Fire series. Fans will know that this has been a long wait. Originally it was supposed to be released in 2006 but Martin has been wrestling with several difficult plot points that Martin has referred to as knots that needed to be unraveled.

I’ve been looking forward to this novel for a long time. I haven’t been a fan of fantasy since I was a teenager but there’s something about the world that GRRM has created that sucks me in where other fantasy novels have failed. the only way I can refer to the series is low high-fantasy. The world is low on magic compared to other series in fantasy. Courtly intrigue and back-stabbing is rampant, but it’s not obvious or handled ham-handedly. Relationships are complex and often disturbing (I don’t think it can get more disturbing than Jamie’s and Cersei’s relationship…) and it’s all told with the gusto of a an adventure novel.

Needless to say, I’m putting my pre-order in as soon as they are available.

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