Cooper Hawk on the Back Fence

I was heading out to grab lunch this past Wednesday when I was alerted to the fact that a Cooper Hawk was perched on the back fence. I ran to get my camera and was able to snap a single, slightly blurry photo before he flew off. Still, it was pretty cool as I’ve never been this close to one, nor have I seen one this close to the ground.

Cooper Hawk on the Back Fence

Cooper Hawk says, "I don't like you takin' no pictures of me... I'm gonna fly away now!"

He’s an absolutely beautiful animal (I’m pretty sure, based on the size, that it’s a male.). Right below where he’s sitting is a slight hill that drops down from the back wall into some shrubs and bushes that then becomes a grassy greenbelt between our home and the people the next street over. Living in those shrubs are rabbits. Lots and lots of rabbits, so I’m pretty sure why he picked that spot and why he took flight when he did.

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